4 Ways Your Relationship Will Fail

How conflict is handled determines the success of a relationship, if either of the below four elements are present in your relationship, that means conflict is not being dealt with constructively or productively. Dr. John Gottman and his colleagues at the University of Washington discovered four clear indicators of relationship failure, called “The Four Horsemen of

Path to separation can be made smoother through mediation

Although mediation is a great process, it will not suit everyone. This process works best in cases where both participants are self-confident and able to present their cases.  Participants should feel free to express themselves and their ideas without fear of retaliation.  Also, participants should be emotionally able to deal with all the issues in a

How mediation can be one solution to easing the pain

I read the article “How mediation can be one solution to easing the pain of a break-up.”   There were points made in the article that I felt truly captured the essence of what mediation is about.  For instance, it is true that people are “often completely unaware there is a simpler way to settle

New settlement talks ordered in sex-abuse case

HELENA – The Ursuline Sisters of the Western Province have found a lender willing to put up money to allow the order to begin settlement negotiations with hundreds of people who claim they were abused by priests and nuns in Montana, an attorney said Thursday. read more​ How do you negotiate a settlement for an incident that

Conflict Resolution Tips

At the core of all conflict is a breakdown of communication.  Whether it is a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation, it all goes back to communication.  Here are some tips to improve communication. Create the open the opportunity. Make the other person feel they can have a conversation with you. Listen to the message in the