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Resolve Together, LLC is an alternative dispute resolution firm, committed to bringing people in conflict together, to work through their differences and create a lasting resolution together.

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Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral third party assists the people in conflict in reaching a voluntary and negotiated resolution. Mediation gives the parties the opportunity to discuss the issues, clear up misunderstandings, determine the interests or concerns, and find areas of agreement.

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Parenting Plan

Separation and divorce can be a very stressful and emotional process. When children are involved, the decisions regarding where the child will live, how the child will be raised, and a time-sharing schedule, can generate emotional issues for a couple. Mediation can help parents develop a plan for how to effectively raise their child(ren).

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There are times when groups are not engaged in a conflict, but desire a working session to brainstorm ideas and solutions to achieving a specific goal. The group may have a shared desire to achieve a certain goal, but experience hurdles when deciding the proper steps to take to reach the goal. This group would benefit from Facilitation.

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